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Sep 14, 2010


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Your understanding of multi-dimensional C arrays is incorrect. The C definition you gave is indeed equivalent to your IR code.

Also, it would be less ambiguous to refer to LLVM integer types as signless, not unsigned. Operations are signed or unsigned, integers do not have a signedness.

Finally, you give the impression that IR is portable. It isn't. There are various implicit assumptions often encoded in the code itself, such as the size of pointers. You can hand-craft portable IR, but it can be tricky.

Other than these issues, very nice tutorial.

Giorgio Regni

Thanks @Sebastian, you're right, the multi-dimensional array comparison was inacurate and signless is a better wording that unsigned for LLVM integer.
I updated the post!


Where you say: "Now %x is a register", you meant "%w".

Giorgio Regni

Thanks @Eli, I just fixed it.


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